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Letter to the Editor: What will it take?



Now that the first phase of the Carbonville Road is completed, I would like to discuss some problem areas.

Let's start with the first railroad crossing out of Price. There are no lights or semaphones at this crossing. There are many vehicles crossing the railroad at this crossing that are carrying hazardous material that are going to the Questar terminal about one mile from the crossing.

I have lived in this area for more than 20 years, and if it is dark, raining, snowing, etc. I cannot tell where the crossing is. There is no lighting of any kind at this intersection crossing. There used to be a right turn lane as you approach the crossing, that is no longer there, where you could stop and wait for the train to pass. Trains run regularly along this track, and often have to stop in the crossing, sometimes for as long as 20 minutes or longer. The traffic must stop in the traffic lane because there is no other place to stop. I feel this is very dangerous. I have seen people passing in the left turn (middle) lane, many times while cars are waiting for a train to pass, even when there is traffic coming from the opposite direction. This also can be dangerous.

I talked to some engineers from Salt Lake City some 20 years ago about this crossing, and they were concerned enough to recommend lighting and semaphores at this intersection.

How long will it take? There has been at least one death in this area. Will someone else have to be killed or badly injured before something is done?

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