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Letter to the Editor: No hope



Late last fall I had the opportunity to visit the once dying town of Deadwood, S.D., an old mining community that had seen better times but now rejuvenated. The state of South Dakota, some years back, allowed Deadwood to put in casinos, slot machines and card games, to attract people.

As I walked down the main street I envisioned something like that happening to Helper. All the old buildings in Deadwood were occupied with gaming and all very busy indeed. My thoughts, "How those old buildings on Helper's Main Street would flourish under the same circumstances as Deadwood. "

Then the realization that Helper is surely part of Utah, no way could this happen.

Just a thought; can Helper secede from Utah and become an island territory of the United States, thus clearing the way for something like that in Deadwood? At the same time, the taxes and fees would go to Utah if so desired.

I occasionally visit Wendover and Mesquite and as I park my car in the parking lots, I notice 98 percent of the vehicles have Utah license plates. In other words, Utahns are supporting Nevada's roads, schools, health care and what ever else the revenue from the casinos are used for in that state. Isn't it long past time that all this revenue came to benefit Utah?

The city of Helper is in dire straights financially right now with the huge debt hanging over the town for the Rio Theater. Opening up the town to gaming would be a quick means of retiring this debt as well as the cost for the new swimming pool and open up an avenue for a progressive movement.

Then the sobering thought, we are indeed part of Utah.

No hope.

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