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Rantings and Ravings

Sun Advocate reporter

Many times when I write about our community I write about the good things that make us unique. But despite the fact that I really like living here there are a few things about this community that bug me.

For instance, the College of Eastern Utah built their new building and didn't allow for adequate parking for their athletic facility. How do you expect the community to support your athletic teams, if they can't find decent parking to attend? The nearby LDS church has parking, but if you use it you will owe Price City for a parking violation.

Also how is it that our Carbon girl's softball team has to play on a field with no covered dugouts, no bleachers for their fans and a mud field for parking? This is while, right next to them, there is the boy's field with nice dugouts, a snack shack, a media and announcer's booth and very nice bleachers for their fans. Price City and the school district each have told me that is the other's responsibility to improve the situation.

I wonder why we still have sections along some heavy traffic areas that lack sidewalks. This forces people who walk and users of mobility aids such as wheel chairs to move out into the flow of traffic. There are a few sections on 100 North that are used a lot by pedestrians that have no sidewalk.

I am irritated that as our local government out grows their current infrastructure they cannot find a way to keep themselves central to our community. It is a disservice to the core of our community that soon most of the governmental services will end up on the outskirts of town.

It may be cheaper up front to buy a piece of property and build new, but at what cost to the community itself. Many of our senior citizens and low income live in the middle of town. Transportation is sometimes limited and moving core service just makes it more difficult for them to take care of business. Having our governmental services close to downtown helps our small businesses by increasing traffic into the downtown area.

So I've said my two cents about these few things. On some days I could have gone on for pages, but for now this is enough to complain about.

And, yeah, I did get a ticket for trying to park at the church one night while coving the CEU game for the paper.

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