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What to do about the Iranian threat?

Sun Advocate publisher

I generally don't often comment on international affairs in this space, but sometimes I just see something that we all need to think about, because it could affect us so profoundly.

The latest word from our government leaders is that the Iranians have been supplying armlaments to factions in Iraq and that those weapons have been the direct cause of at least 170 American deaths in Iraq.

Even though I actually believe our present administration has lied to us continually about both the intervention in Iraq four years ago and up and to the present day about the war that we are presently involved in.

The Iranian government hates the United States. While the causes of that hatred may be different now than they were 30 years ago, we have in some ways been unofficially at war with that county since the Shah of Iran was deposed.

I am sure that they are supplying weapons to the Iraq insurgents. In fact I would be very surprised if they weren't. Even more in fact, if we believed otherwise, we would be very naive.

But my concern about all this is that we are being led down the same path we were when we invaded Iraq.

When Bush won the presidential election in 2004 he talked about his landslide victory and how he had a lot of "political capital" that he could expend.

At the time I thought of it more as "credibility capital" than political. And he has lost most of that, judging by the way the polls in the United States look concerning his handling of international affairs.

When you are the biggest and richest guy on the block you will always have your detractors and those who hate you. The United States, being that very entity, naturally has those who dislike us. But that small call in the dark for the destruction of our country has grown over the past five years around the world, not decreased.

I realize what we see on television is tainted and distorted badly. On one had we have liberals in the media who are trying to paint a picture of total defeat and damnation for what we have wrought in the middle east.

On the other hand we have the conservative commentators who berate all negatives about the war and deny that misrepresentations were used to promote policies of military action.

Who to believe? Who to trust? It's a big question.

Iran is a dilemma we will have to answer and soon. Their development of atomic power (and probably bombs although they won't admit it) is a reality we cannot deny. Yet using another reason to use military force against the country, which is what I suspect much of this about weapons going into Iraq stuff is a about, sounds too much like the rattling of sabers.

When we went into Iraq most of the world pleaded with us not to do it. While we got rid of a rotten tyrant, we replaced him with anarchy, probably the worst tyrant of all.

Right now the world is watching what probably many of them see as too familiar a scene. "Proof" is appearing that they fear will lead America into attacking Iran.

We, the American people followed the lead to do that, despite advice not to from our allies the last time.

I just think we should try to find a different way to solve the problem this time. Maybe we should listen to some other voices from around the world, and try something else at this juncture.

Let's not be the "ugly American" who just barges in and does what he wants, because he can.

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