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Carbon County News Briefs

Study for community library placed on hold as agencies review agreement

Last week, Carbon commissioners indicated that they were not satisfied with the terms of a memorandum of understanding between the county, Price, College of Eastern Utah and the school district. The MOU spells out an agreement to study the feasibility of building a new library to serve all four entities.

Commissioners said the MOU did not adequately reflect discussions that the study would encompass multiple potential sites nor did it clarify evenly splitting the $50,000 cost of the survey. However, the commissioners expressed an intent to sign an amended MOU.

Equipment installed on grounds, city plans opening of East Carbon's park

Equipment was installed at the new East Carbon park last weekend. The equipment was purchased by the city with monies obtained through a Great Western Parks fighting obesity grant and funds from the county recreation-transportation special service district.

The structure arrived in Carbon County before Christmas. But due to winter weather conditions, the city had to wait to assemble and place the equipment.

The park will be open to the public as soon as wood chips are placed in the area surrounding the equipment.

Court extends deadline for final rule on removing bald eagle from listing

Last week, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service announced that the court had extended the deadline for a final decision regarding the removal of the bald eagle from the threatened and endangered species list until June 9. The court initially ordered a Feb. 16 deadline, but granted the four-month extension with the plaintiff's agreement.

During the extension period, the federal agency expects to develop a proposed rule addressing incidental takings, finalize voluntary bald eagle management guidelines and define "disturb" under the protection act, indicated the service.

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