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Carbon County News Briefs

State considers license plate redesign

Utah motorists will have new license plates to choose for their vehicles for the beginning of next year if proposed legislation is passed by Utah lawmakers.

According to Craig Johnson of the Utah chapter of Automobile License Plate Collectors the new plates feature a larger, more energetic skier along with the mountain background.

The newly designed plates also feature the "Life Elevated" branding slogan created by the governor's office along with the traditional "Greatest Snow on Earth" slogan.

The new version could be available as soon as the current supply of plates runs out.

Dugout Mine plans emergency response

Management at Dugout Canyon Mine are in the process of planning for the company's response in the case of an emergency.

Mine representatives met with Wellington city officials and agreed to use the city's gymnasium as a site for media contacts.

Any changes to the gymnasium, such as phone and data connections will be paid for by the mining company.

Dugout officials further explained that they hope to make plans for families of mine employees to be able to gather in other locations in the city in the event of an emergency.

Campaign targets teenage passengers

Utah's attorney general is supporting a media blitz aimed at helping youth speak out against reckless driving.

"Car crashes are the number one killer for teens and young adults," said Shurtleff. "It's time for teens to speak out when they don't feel safe and put an end to these senseless tragedies."

The UR the Spokesperson campaign targets young passengers because research shows that young drivers may be more likely to listen to friends than adults. The campaign will also raise awareness about the importance of driving at safe speeds, avoiding distractions and wearing seatbelts.

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