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Rantings and Ravings

Sun Advocate reporter

I mentioned last week that I had been forced to get a new phone after I ran mine though the washing machine.

The reason it ended up in the laundry was that earlier, before my daily dog walk, my big beast had gotten so excited that she jumped up and her foot had gotten caught on the headphone cord of my MP3 player. The result was that the device came flying out of my coat pocket and crashed against the frozen garage floor, permanently rendering it useless.

I now had a big muddy footprint across my coat so I went downstairs and threw the jacket into the next load of laundry. In the end I was out a phone and an MP3 player.

I fought with my cell phone company about getting a new phone because I was two weeks short of qualifying for an upgrade. But I did end up with a phone that has MP3 capabilities.

I eagerly paid a bunch more money for the music kit and flash card. I followed the instructions to the tee to load the software. Then nothing. Well not nothing really but an error message that my phone would not talk to the computer.

Four hours later after being on the phone with the technical support people, we decided I could take the music kit back and get a new one. After waiting at the phone store for 30 minutes, I took the kit home, reinstalled everything. Same result.

More time on the phone and then permission to trade in the phone. This time I would have to go to a company store, not a dealer. Since we were going through Grand Junction, that is were I went.

I could not try out the new phone until I got home from vacation. But, again the same result.

Now the phone company said to contact Microsoft. They in turn said to contact my computer manufacture. After pulling my computer station away from the wall for the umpteenth time, this time to locate the serial number, I was told my computer was out of warrantee. However for a fee, I could contact a representative who might help. They also suggested I contact the phone's technical support center.

I had returned full circle and still had no answers. I told my husband the answer was a new computer. He hasn't stopped laughing yet to give me his answer.

So if you encounter me walking my dog, I will probably not be listening to my new phone loaded with music. Instead I will be singing my own version of the "Wheels on the Bus" loudly.

You may not want to come too close, because the way I'm feeling about the wheels of technology, it will probably be a little "R" rated.

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