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Property owners may be liable after snow storms

Property owners across Carbon County may face citations for failure to remove snow and debris from public walkways and sidewalks adjacent to their homes and businesses.

Most homes and businesses are governed by ordinances which stipulate penalties for failure to remove snow.

For instance, Price residents face citation if they fail to remove snow from sidewalks or if they deposit snow, dirt, leaves or other materials in gutters, particularly if those materials clog storm drains or cause storm drains to back up.

Residents of each city in the county can inquire about the particular requirements and penalties of their city's ordinance at their city hall.

Vehicle owners may also wish to check with city hall concerning the requirements relating to parking on a street during or after a snow storm.

In some cities, vehicles must be moved from streets within a certain amout of time after a snow storm. This is because snow plows may need to clear snow and vehicles parked on the street can inhibit the ability of snow removal crews to clear streets.

Further, vehicles parked on the street are often at higher risk of being struck by a snow removal vehicle.When a city or county ordinance is in place regarding vehicles parked on the street, and a snow plow operator damages an illegally parked vehicle, the owner of the vehicle must pay for damages out of pocket or his or her own insurance.

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