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Utah Housing Corporation honors Price resident

Vickie Mower

Helping others is the motivation behind one woman who was recently honored by the Utah Housing Corporation.

Vickie Mower was named the third place producer in the state for UHC for 2006.

Mower has worked in Bank of Utah's Price Mortgage Branch since January 1993, when Bank of Utah purchased the mortgage company she was working for.

She currently holds the titles of branch manager and mortgage loan officer.

"Without Utah Housing, several of my customers may not qualify for a home loan," Mower said. "This program makes owning a home possible and provides a fixed rate which is lower than they would be able to obtain any other way."

Utah Housing Corporation was created by the state of Utah to create affordable housing opportunities for lower-income Utah households.

The corporation is self-supporting, requiring no funding from the government. Instead, partnerships have been created with private sector banking institutions, homebuilders and realtors to offer expertise in administering the programs UHC offers.

UHC provides resources and mortgage monies to qualifying first time home buyers as well as developers renovating or building qualifying apartment projects.

The housing corporation does not provide rent assistance. Instead it helps individuals secure below-market, 30-year fixed rate mortgage loans through participating Utah mortgage lenders. First time home buyers are defined as persons who have not lived in a residence they owned in the last three years.

Mower appreciates the opportunities that UHC provides for first time home buyers. She says that helping her customers get into their first homes is a rewarding experience because they are always so grateful.

The federal government has assigned certain areas of Utah as "targeted areas."

To encourage home ownership in these areas, restrictions regarding previous home ownership are lifted and household income limits are higher.

Single parents with custody of at least one minor child can also take part in UHC programs without meeting the first time home buyer requirement.

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