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Rantings and Ravings

Sun Advocate reporter

When you go on vacation the plan is to rest and relax. At least for me the week leading up to vacation is so exhausting I am too tired to enjoy it once it happens.

The last time I wrote about vacation someone yelled at me that I was giving too much information for potential crooks to break into my home while I am away. Rest assured this will run sometime after I come back from vacation.

But right now writing several columns ahead is one of those many things on my to-do list. I will also stay up late the night before we leave to write up and e-mail in a sports story that will run while I am gone.

I am back in charge of planning and packing for three of us. My husband is in charge of himself and the dog. At least I don't have to worry about diapers and formula. Last year we did have to take the little potty along. This year we only have to remember a stool for her to climb up on.

Then there are our clothes and also our ski wear. Toys that travel well and still keep them entertained have to be included. We have to try and plan a bit ahead for food, although we can shop while we are gone, the food prices are higher where we are going, so it pays to bring along many staples.

We have to remember to stop the mail and get someone to grab our newspaper each day. I had to book ski lessons for the girls so I would have time to get on the slopes myself.

Since we have not had much snow, I had to gather all the ski wear and make sure it still fits. I was worried about how mine fit even more than the kids. I really need to get back in shape. I was amazed that I found a match to all the gloves and mittens this year.

I hate leaving a dirty house so I have to get all the cleaning done. Of course no matter how clean you try leave your house, the last minute flurry before you leave always messes it up. But it is one of my little obsessions in life.

On top of this I am trying to get my new cell phone up and running. I washed my old one. I actually can use the new one, but I can't get all the bells and whistles to function correctly. So I have wasted three hours on the phone to customer support to find out I have a problem they have never seen before.

My husband will pack minutes before we leave. It is his style. I have been packing for a week now. I need to finish this because I will never get everything done.

When you read this I will be back and, if not rested, then at least relieved that vacation is done.

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