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Letter to the Editor: Tell both sides



The recent mine layoff prompted a few reports from the media. While some of the media made attempts to tell both sides, none of the reports I have viewed came even remotely close to telling the miners side of the story.

As a wife of a coal miner, I have become accustomed to layoffs. This layoff just before Christmas however, had the worst timing. Calling it a "tempory reduction in workforce" is the easy way out. And to try to place the blame on not getting permits for the Lila Canyon Mine is misplaced. Permits to open that mine will be given to the company when they meet the necessary compliances and not a moment before. The reports in the Sun Advocate that "over time, the methane emissions have grown into a problem for the mine" is strictly opinion and should have been reported as such. The Tower Mine has sustained production with methane problems for years without having massive layoffs.

I hope that all the miners out of work had happy holidays and that they view this layoff as a blessing in disguise. At least they don't have to work in that mine any longer.

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