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Fishing limits raised at Gigliotti Pond in Helper

David Foster and Dakota Castagna enjoy a successful day of fishing at the Gigliotti Pond. Because the pond has a leak, water levels have rapidly dropped and trout continue to struggle for survival. The conditions have lead the Division of Wildlife Resources to increasing the daily trout limit to eight fish. Bluegill and bass are to be released however. Anglers have found that marshmallows and PowerBait have lured in fish by the dozens.

Anglers may keep additional trout at the new Gigliotti Pond in Helper. Beginning June 19, the Division of Wildlife Resources doubled the daily bag and possession limit for trout in the pond from four to eight.

The increased trout limit will remain in effect through Aug. 31, 2002. On Sept. 1, the limit will revert back to four trout.

Anglers are reminded that largemouth bass and bluegill may not be taken from the pond.

"Gigliotti Pond is a newly constructed urban fishery in Helper," began Louis Berg, aquatic program manager for the DWR southeastern region. "Unfortunately, the pond has developed a leak and the water level is rapidly dropping. It appears that the leak is in or near the bottom of the pond. The leak needs to be fixed as soon as possible to prevent running out of available water to refill the pond and keeping it full during the remainder of the year."

"It will be necessary to let the pond water level drop to a very low level in order to locate the leak, dry out the pond bottom at that location and make the repairs," Berg said.

"There is a danger that all trout in the pond will die. The trout limit for anglers has therefore been increased to allow the more than 1,000 fish present to be removed. There is a good chance that bass and bluegill, which are much more tolerant of low water levels, will survive."

Trout stocking will resume after the leak is fixed and the pond is refilled, but that could take until this fall.

"The division regrets the problem that has occurred at this time, when the pond can really be used by Carbon County youth and less than a month after opening to fishing," Berg appologized.

For more information call the DWR southeastern region office at 636-0260.

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