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Letter to the Editor: Giving up on decorations



To those who may be involved.

After several years of fixing the messes you and others have created, destroying all the hard work we and other people spend decorating our yards for everyone to enjoy, has come to an end. You finally convinced us you don't like our idea of Christmas decorating.

So we quit. We have taken the decorations down and put them back in storage.

I wish the newspaper could print all the words and names we're calling you, in our minds, as we write this, but we're sure, if it happened to you, you would know what they are.

We can, however have these words printed; gutless, unchristian, worthless and hateful.

Go ahead and laugh, have a great time, because someday, when you have grown up and have kids of your own, we hope and pray that the same thing happens to you, then maybe you might understand, and feel and the pain you have caused.

It may not make a difference to you now, as you are what you are, but now you have to find some other yard to destroy from now on. You have finally broken our Christmas spirit, and our ability to maybe put a smile on someone's face.

We have a suggestion for you; try taking all that energy you have doing destructive things to people, and visit an elderly shut in, or sit and talk to a child that may be having their last Christmas with their family. Or maybe just look around you and see all the things that have been handed to you on a silver platter, and think of all the hard work your parents go through to get it for you. Then maybe, just maybe, you can learn to appreciate the spirit of giving.

Now, to the parents of these little darlings, who are saying to themselves as you read this, "My child would not do things like that," know this. It was your child.

Have a happy New Year.

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