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Rantings and Ravings

Sun Advocate reporter

The snow is falling and the Christmas decorations are all up. I am in a particularly good mood this Christmas season, because in our family all is quiet and calm for a change.

I know that in our community we have a bunch of families who are facing some bleak times due to the big layoff. I hope it is short lived, but I am grateful that we didn't need to have an explosion before precautions were taken.

My hopes for Christmas include the wish that no family in this community receives bad news this holiday season. Since I know that is unrealistic, I hope that if you do, you will have caring and supportive people around you to help you through.

I wish that in a season of religious traditions, we remember to be tolerant and accepting of all the other ideologies around us. I embrace the stores that say Happy Holiday's because I feel that they are trying to be inclusive of all of us. I don't take it as a sign that my own religious celebration is being slighted.

I hope that for any family struggling with issues of substance abuse, violence or depression, that this will be the time you can find enough hope to bring the changes into your lives to bring about a change.

I hope that for any child who is feeling despair, there will be an adult who will be there to reach out and give them a fighting chance.

For all of us, remember this is a time of great happiness. It is also a time for great sorrow for some. It is a season for giving, but let us remember that money and gifts do not solve all of our woes. It is in a kind word or deed that we find the magic of the season.

Reach out throughout the year and keep the Christmas spirit alive.

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