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CEU Offers Back to College Plan for Winter Semester

Ann Hribal studies for final exams in the CEU library on Monday. This week is finals week and many students are looking to be finished with school for the year soon. However, for those that are looking forward to going back to CEU after some time away, the school is offering a special tuition structure called the "Back to College" Program.

For those who began their college degree but had to put it on hold, College of Eastern Utah would like to help them to return and complete their degree.

The College of Eastern Utah is proud to announce the "Back to College" program for winter semester.

For those that have been away from college for three or more years, have 20 or fewer credit hours left to graduate and are in good academic standing at the institutions they have attended, this program may be just what they are looking for.

CEU would like to offer them the chance to return and complete their associates degree. If they qualify for and return under the "Back to College" program, Eastern Utah will pay 50 percent of their tuition cost in the form of grant assistance.

This program is good for classes taken at College of Eastern Utah only. Individuals can receive the 50 percent tuition assistance for up to the 20 hours or less that they are short in obtaining their associates degree. This program will be available to individuals as a part time or full time student.

Todd Olsen, director of admissions and scholarships hopes any and all students who meet the qualifications will take advantage of this great opportunity.

"This program shows our commitment to the community and its member," stated Olsen. "Anyone who is looking for that extra little push to complete the degree they started, this is it."

Those interested in this program are asked to contact the academic advising office to begin the process of determining their eligibility.

The program fits both tradtional students who left college not long after starting and non-traditional students as well.

That office will be able to help future students see how many credits short they are and will suggest a plan to help them obtain their degree.

Interested parties can contact Shanny Wilson at 613-5623 or Kelli Shaw at 613-5311 for further details.

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