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Rantings and Ravings

Sun Advocate reporter

The warm weather we have been blessed with has made trips to the Dino-Mine Park a necessity at our house.

Even on a late Sunday afternoon there were many families at the park. It is fun to see many parents in the play area interacting with their kids rather than sitting on the sides watching them play.

During the last several weeks I have ran into many people who worked on the park project. Several said they went to voluteer an hour or two and ended up staying for days. It was addicting to be there and be part of the experience.

I have heard that there are several things left to be done at the park. Someone asked if I had received the e-mail about organizing work groups to get things finished. I hadn't.

Many of those I have spoke with want to come back and work on the project again if needed. I hope that the organizers will make sure that there are several public notices about any help needed. I have a feeling that the turnout will be amazing once again.

Of course there are many projects still in progress in our community that need people to get involved. They may not be as visible as the park project was, but just as important. I know that the list of volunteers needed that appear in the FYI section of the Sun Advocate each week continues to grow.

Our local United Way also ran a volunteer center that matched potential volunteers with needed projects. I haven't heard much from them lately, but it would be worth contacting them if you are interested in finding something to do.

I challenge everyone to pick at least one volunteer opportunity and enlist five friends to join you this year.

As we go into the holiday season I would like to quote a part of the Soropotimist pledge. Help us use our opportunities remembering that "To whom much has been given, much is required."

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