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Letter to the Editor: Tyranny will impose itself



Now that midterm elections are over, I wonder whether the people of the United States are prepared to learn the crucial lessons that are needed before the next general election.

The results of the midterm were minimal at least and ineffective at best. Obviously, most people are beginning to see that our country is headed in the wrong direction.

There are some things that are simply intolerable in our elected officials. For instance, I wonder how most voters would react if they knew that an elected official, an office holder sworn to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution, said in a documented government meeting that the Constitution is just a blankety-blank (use of God's name in vain) piece of paper?

The same official recently reached an agreement with two foreign nations to erase the borders of the U.S. to form a new nation to be called the North American Union, after the order of the European Union (the SPP, Security and Prosperity Partnership). We would, of course, have a new monetary system based on currency that would be called the amero, and a new system of government would be instituted to replace the U.S. Constitution, which is our guarantee of freedom and protection from tyranny. All this is a matter of record and can be verified.

For too long the American people have been complacent and have ignored what our elected officials are doing, believing that our government is going to do what is right and take care of the people. In doing so we have given them an open door to do whatever their agendas seek to impose on the people.

It's time to wake up and take control of our country and our future. If we don't, tyranny will impose itself upon us all and there will be no recourse.

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