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Letter to the Editor: a Devalued Christmas



I am absolutely appalled with our fair city,

Halloween hadn't even begun when the Christmas decorations began to appear on streetlamps; within a week reindeer were spotted in the Peace Garden. Alas, our city is not alone; many large retail stores have been ambushing society with Christmas, months in advance, for years. A friend of mine feels so rushed, she begins her Christmas shopping within a few months of December 25.

When will the madness stop, and who on earth decided Christmas needs to begin in October? At the pace we're going it won't be long before Christmas preparations begin in January; good news for all of you so-called "rednecks," leaving your Christmas lights up all year round may not be considered tacky much longer.

Don't get me wrong, I am by no means against Christmas. I love the holiday for everything from the time spent with friends and family, right down to the gifts. But since when did Christmas gifts go from "the thought that counts" to "the amount, size, and/or amount of money spent counts." Has everybody forgotten what the true meaning of Christmas is? It is not how many gifts you receive or the size or the amount of money spent; it is not the amount of lights and decorations you put on your house or your tree; the true meaning of Christmas is love and togetherness.

By preparing for Christmas earlier and earlier every year, we are devaluing and degrading the importance and meaning of Christmas.

So I ask everyone, take some time out on Christmas Eve or Christmas or both, and think about the true meaning of Christmas; go to Christmas Mass or for those of you who don't "do" the whole church thing, take a minute to remember what Christmas was and is intended for.

Even the Whos down in Whoville remembered the true meaning of Christmas; why can't we?

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