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Letter to the Editor: LDS Clarification



Mr. Sharp from Castle Dale seems bent on trying to misinform people in letters to the editor on these pages about the LDS Church and it's stance on various issues.

Here is some clarification on these issues.

First of all the LDS Church has never sanctioned abortion. There are extenuating circumstances to which there are exceptions and they are in the case of rape, incest, or health of the mother. Even with those exceptions the church does not either support or deny that decision. All of these situations have very deep ramifications, and as a result the church must allow those decisions to remain between the individual member of the church and God.

Also, the decision to make the Plan B pill over-the-counter was necessary because thanks to our left-wing fanatics, pharmacists were in danger of legal action because they refused to dispense the pill. This is their moral and ethical right to do so, and in place of their refusal they would amiably refer their customers to other pharmacies that would aid them in their pursuit of ending a life.

My husband is a pharmacist and was very concerned about the legal possibilities that were being threatened by the left. Though we do not support the Plan B pill we do support allowing people to choose for themselves without forcing others to join in their murderous choices. The selection of that decision will be for them to face at the great bar.

As far as stem cells are concerned what our legislators and the LDS Church support may be two different things. Contrary to what Mr. Sharp may think, the church allows it's members to vote for themselves and choose their own platforms. However, I would be very interested to see the evidence of the legislators support as it is my understanding that they do not support embryonic research, but do support adult stem cell research. There is a difference. The church itself has always and will always support the sanctity of life, period.

Furthermore there is nothing in the church handbook that would support revocation of a temple recommend based on the information Mr. Sharp presented. There is definitely more to that story.

Maybe Mr. Sharp should spend more time worrying about the abuse scandals and how to correct them first.

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