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Rantings and Ravings

Sun Advocate reporter

I'm sitting here on Sunday trying to come up with some inspirational thing to write about this week and I am drawing a blank. You'd think with the recent elections and the departure of Rumsfeld that I would be moved to write something, but I'm not.

I was encouraged by the outcome of this year's mid-term vote that maybe our country would like to be more in the middle than too much right or left, but we will have to see if those that we voted in will really speak for us or honor the money that helped get them there. To me it feels like it has been a long time since the voters have really been heard, I am a bit skeptical on the idea of a whole "new era" experience.

We have seen the undoing of many outspoken individuals in the past few years who have tried to set a moral agenda while secretly living another standard. I would bet there are still going to be a few more scandals in the coming years. Since the Democrats have stepped back into the spotlight, I won't be surprised to see some heads roll in that party as well.

So how can I get too stirred up until there is something really different to write about?

I also feel pressure to come up with something sparkling as I had several people come up to me at this year's Soroptimist wine tasting event and tell me how much they enjoy reading my column.

So, now, naturally, I can't come up with a single thing to say.

Many people said they hadn't heard much about my grandkids lately. We have had them living here for over a year. We are into a good routine now and they are doing great. I'm finally getting used to taking out the dolls and boats from the tub before a shower. I have only stubbed my toe once in the past two months on the stool that is parked in front of the toilet.

The little one is getting big enough to play on her own during the day and so I can get more done. She talks constantly now which is both good and bad. I know what she wants and needs, but when I don't listen she will repeat herself at least a million times until I acknowledge her. "Me too" is her biggest demand now and she is game to try any thing.

The older one is back in school and that means I am back to sitting in the little chair twice a year to hear about her progress. I have already been informed that I make her take out the garbage daily because I am a bit lazy. After a talk about the values of everyone in the family needs to help out, we got that straightened out.

So life goes on in its own strange way. Here I am close to what amounts to a column and I still haven't really said anything.

I hope you all voted this year. Those of you that didn't vote should quit whining. For the rest of us, let's hope that we will find a way home from this war with some good resolve and that we will pass laws to help the environment, the poor, and the rest of society.

And here's to new inspiration for next week's column.

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