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Front Page » October 27, 2005 » Local News » Political profiles for the 2005 general election
Published 3,630 days ago

Political profiles for the 2005 general election

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For the PRWID board

Kerry Krompel

My name is Kerry Krompel. I was born in Carbon County and I've lived here for 50 years. We have a great community. What makes our community great is the people here care about each other. People here go out of their way to help each other.

My profession is an excavating contractor. I have over 25 years of experience installing and repairing water and sewer systems.I am running for a position on the PRWID board because I feel PRWID and the citizens of Carbon County need a better working relationship.

Government agencies should work together with people and help with their needs every way possible to expand and make a stronger community.

My experience and knowledge as a contractor can be beneficial in constructing, repairing and upgrading existing water and sewer systems in our county.

Citizens of Carbon County have concerns and problems about some of the construction projects done in the area. The main concern being compaction problems. I feel it is the responsibility of PRWID to make sure the contractors do the jobs correctly and efficiently. We need quality control. We all know that to have quality drinking water and safe, efficient sewer systems we have rules and regulations to comply with. I think PRWID should be involved not only in the quality of our water in the community but should look at more efficient ways to save time and money for the taxpayers. If we all work together this community will always be a great place to live.

I ask for your vote on November 8.

Keith Cox

I would first like to thank the people of Carbon County for their trust and the opportunity to serve as a board member at Price River Water Improvement District. In serving, I have become aware of the many challenges that face our area relating to water and sewer. A few examples are: new development, shortage of water due to drought, insuring that the present infrastructure is able to serve the existing population, developing infrastructure for future growth, upgrading existing distribution lines to meet current standards, maintaining existing lines, funding for water quality and sewer treatment, compliance with state regulations for water quality, and water conservation.

It takes the combined effort of PRWID board members, staff, employees, and concerned citizens to insure that water and sewer needs are met throughout the local area. My goals are to continue monitoring water quality and sewer distribution for all county residents, maintaining and lifting our standard of living throughout Carbon County, and meeting the needs for growth and vitality. All of these can be accomplished with a wise, sound budget, with small impact to community and individual resources.My goal is to provide water and sewer, vital and essential needs of everyday living, to the individuals of Carbon County. I appreciate the continued opportunity to serve, making Carbon County a great place to live.

Please vote on Nov. 8.

Robert Martin

I have been a resident of Carbon County for 15 years. My family has been here for over 25 years. We live in the Carbonville area.

The last few years I have been hearing from many of our friends and neighbors wondering why the Price River Water Improvement District is moving in the direction it has and how do we get a voice in many of the decisions PRWID makes.

For example, why the rates have become so high in the rural areas and why the roads have not been repaved in over a year in some of the areas that had been torn up for PRWID's sewer projects. I and others also ask why PRWID needs to raise the taxing structure and if we are getting the best contractors for the monies expended, etc.These are some of the reasons I have decided to become involved in this process. I would like to be able to answer some of these questions and help solve them as a board member.

I also want to know that as a community of the world our natural resources will be managed in our desert climate and what plans PRWID has for conservation.

My background has been in the coal mining industry. I was the Training and Safety Program Specialist for Arco in Wyoming for 10 years. In this project I wrote and produced individual programs for each piece of equipment and trained personnel. I had to work under a large but, strict budget and time limits. This background, gives me an advantage in overseeing budgets, time constraints, personnel safety, and construction in general. My college studies were in business administration. I have also attended many schools in affiliation with mining, construction, and federal regulations.

Rex Sacco

My name is Rex Sacco. I am 52-years old, a life-long resident of Carbon County, and graduated from Carbon High School in 1971. I attained a degree from CEU in mining mechanics. In 1974 I graduated from the Police Officer's Academy at Westminster College. I've taken continuing education courses in many areas of law and technical training over the years, including criminal, property and access, railroad, interstate commerce and exchange and boundary law. I served six years in the Utah National Guard mustering out at the rank of Staff Sergeant. I've worked at some of the area power plants and as a coal miner.

I presently work as the Lands and Access Coordinator for Carbon County. My duties include administering the county roads system, planning review and making recommendations and comments for the county commission on the present and future uses of public lands and natural resources as well as access and any federal and state actions affecting our area.

I was asked to run for a position on the PRWID Board by acquaintances who thought that with my background and experience, I might have something to contribute. As water is the life blood of our county and the major factor in determining if we can continue to grow, offering our children, grandchildren or others jobs and a place to live in Carbon County, I have decided to offer my time and services in this endeavor.

I ask for county citizens in the district to vote for me knowing that I will faithfully follow the wishes and needs of the people who elect me.

For East Carbon City Council

Darlene Kuhns

I am Darlene Kuhns. I am running for a second term with the East Carbon City Council. I have been in East Carbon most of my life and also raised my two sons here.

I own and operate my business and have done so since 1975.

I have enjoyed being on the city council, helping the people,and doing the best I can for the whole community.

In the last four years we have put in much needed new storage tanks for the treated water. We have also put in our own justice court so the money collected would stay in East Carbon. That is a plus. We also have the money in place to fix the sewer lagoons.

With grant money we received our 2004 state-of-the-art fire truck and turnouts for all our firefighters.We were given $5000.00 dollars worth of equipment from the Provo Fire Academy for our respirators.

In 2005 we were granted $10,000.00 dollars from the Wild Land Fires Fund to purchase more needed equipment.This was all free money. Today our fire department is shy four men but the remaining eight are very well trained and eager to serve the people.I am very proud to be the council person over the fire department.

In the next four years I hope to find funding to rebuild the building that will be the new East Carbon Fire Department;a place for training, a home for our trucks and a place the firefighers can call their own.

I have worked on many things the last four years with the council and mayor.

Those items include the clean up or fix it program, and the decorating we did for Christmas. With help from all the business we, for the first time, had a bright shinning city for Christmas.

I believe our city has some large issues in the coming years but that we can and we will overcome these and our city will remain.

I look forward to working with you and for you in the next four years.

Verl (Delale) Holt

I was raised on Berkely Avenue, my dad was a coal miner, my mom was a long time cook for the senior citizens center. I left East Carbon after graduation from Carbon High School in 1958 due to the lack of employment in our area at that time After four years in the Air Force I returned to Utah where I worked as a licensed plumber and the state of Utah constructions inspector. After retirement my wife and I moved back home to East Carbon. Our son and daughter and their families have also relocated to make their home in East Carbon,

I am running for city councilman because I want to be part of an open and responsive city government that will encourage all citizens to become involved. Together I feel we as a community can make a difference in our city. I value the diversity of the citizens of the community of East Carbon. I want to hear, understand and learn from all community members. I may be different from my neighbor but I value my neighbor's ideas.

East Carbon is a place physically and culturally rich. I would like to see East Carbon grow and become a place our children will be proud to call their home. With your vote and support, I look forward to working for and with each citizen.

Lloyd Erwin Lowe Sr.

Lloyd Erwin Lowe Sr. is asking to become a member of the East Carbon City Council in order to allow more businesses to work for the improvement of the local communities.

As we invite businesses (and they accept) to produce with us, our strength in all areas (pride, ownership and economic) will grow also.

Take a step forward and create a new market for our city. Vote for him on Nov.8

For Sunnyside City Council

Doug Parsons

At the present time Doug is on active guard duty in Iraq for one year.

However, he is still seeking a four year seat and will be back to fulfill the latter portion of his term when he returns from his tour of duty.

For the mayor of Price

Joe L Piccolo

I am a common blue-collar family man, the first generation of an Italian emigrant pioneer. I was born and raised in South Price, educated in Carbon county schools, to include College of Eastern Utah.

I earn my living with my hands and have been self-employed for over 36 years in the business environment. I married my high school sweetheart and best friend, formerly Barbara Ann Bishop. Barbara is a full partner in all we do.

We are the proud parents of three children, Kim, Ryan and Elizabeth. Kim and Jesse have blessed us with twin grandsons, Kyle and Hayden who are growing up in the same great Carbon County environment that I did.

I served as a city council member for six years and as your mayor for four years. I am currently serving on the Permanent Community Impact Board, the Utah State Division of Water Quality Board, and the Olene Walker Housing Trust Fund Board, the Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments Board, the Utah League of Cities and Towns Executive Board, the Carbon County Economic Development Executive Board, as well as working on many other assignments.

I have a high value of integrity and I am a hard worker. When adjustment is necessary, I am not afraid to face change. I want to continue to make a difference in Price City, our home.

In my opinion the most significant issues our community will face in future years will be the cost of utilities and public safety in the face of growth. Our city is comprised largely of an aging population that will need solid low cost utilities to maintain lifestyles on limited incomes.

Public safety is important in order to retain the rural quality of life that we know, love and enjoy. The city is better today and for the last four years in many areas, to include the water lines, streets, parks, recreations, business development and other areas. I have initiated and assisted in accomplishing many projects in our community during the past four years and want to continue the progress for the next four years.

I want you to know that if it is important to you, it is important to me and always will be.

Betty Wheeler

I have been on the city council for 10-plus years. A native of Carbon County and a graduate of Carbon High School, C.E.U. and Utah State University with a degree in elementary education. I am a retired educator of 30 years with the Carbon School District. I am available to the public concerns at all times which is an issue of importance to me, as well as being receptive to the peoples needs.

I have been involved in many projects in the city including, but not limited to: a new pool boiler and Ozone system that will cut the cost of chemicals of 50 percent, landscaping on 1st North off ramp, Rose Park and Terrace Hills new playground equipment, ADA sidewalk repair project, completed installation of new water and sewer lines in the inner city area, Cove Basin Park, BMX track and skate park at Terrace Hills, water distribution line and assisted with General Plan and Land Use Code update process.

We need to do a better job of promoting our area not only for tourism growth, but also economic development. It is time for the city to call upon and listen to the expertise of our talented successful people and citizens in our area, and include them in planning our future for a quality of life. Energy resources benefit communities. Families end up with more disposable income. Businesses will improve and grow, being able to create more jobs. We can keep more money in the community and that can result in more dollars for infrastructure, education, and community needs.

We also, need the close monitoring of our expenditures and revenues. We need to concentrate on road repairs and projects below Main Street in the southern part of town. Maintaining plentiful and quality water and seek an alternative source of water for a secondary system. Continue to promote the Cross Country Trail Project, Museum and the Energy Training Center. We also need to revise the city government by letting the city council resume their elected positions again, to work with the mayor, city departments and their constituents. We need to regain the good rapport, moral and working relationships with our employees.

The public provides valuable information and may express concerns that may have significant impact on our city. Community spirit is working together toward a common goal and the focus is on positive results, and successful communities have learned to build on strengths and minimize weakness.

As your mayor, I will have a strong sense of purpose, integrity, a conviction to make a difference. I am a trustworthy team player who makes and keeps my commitments with a fond attachment for the people and city of Price. Join me in promoting a team effort. Teamwork makes a difference.

For the mayor of Helper

Mike Dalpiaz

I am Mike Dalpiaz Sr. I was born, raised and reside in Helper and wouldn't live any other place in the World. Helper is such a unique and scenic town. I've been all over the United States in my work and believe me, there just isn't another Helper. It's a place of strong pride and strong opinions. It's a place where all ethnic traditions blend and enhance each other.

I currently work in Price as the International Vice President of United Mine Workers of America. I've worked in several of our underground coal mines. I served on the Board of Trustees for the College of Eastern Utah for eight years. I have been with the UMWA starting in 1977 as an Auditor, then district vice president, president and now as international vice president. I have a long and strong history of service to the people of Carbon and Emery Counties. I currently serve on the Merit Board for the Carbon County Sheriff's Department and I am the corporate secretary and board member for Rocky Mountain Fuel Company.

I retired from being mayor four years ago and had no intention of ever running again. However, I have lately had some reservations about some of the tax increases, utility increases and spending priorities. I feel we have lost sight of our number one priority of economic development. If we don't develop job opportunities and business opportunities for our people, the town will ultimately die. The tax base is shrinking. We cannot allow that to continue. We don't want to be in the position of "pallbearers" for our city. We must be a part of the surgical team putting Helper together again.

We have a very impressive theater that is close to being completed but is being allowed to languish. We have an art community that needs support. We have a beautiful museum and parkway that needs expansion. These things have brought prosperity to other communities and we can do the same for Helper.

Quality of life is an important component of development. The recent pool initiative will attract families to Helper which in turn will help the enrollment in our schools. Our schools are an important part of attracting families to Helper. We need to ensure their success in educating our children. All I'm saying is we have to "Keep our eye on the ball." I know it's hard to deal with the future when everyday problems are affecting us, but we have to do just that if our beloved city is to have a future.

Being a mayor is about being a leader. Being a mayor is about having a vision. I believe I have a vision that most of you share and I ask your permission to serve you once again as your mayor.

Chuck Buchanan

Chuck Buchanan has been a resident of Helper for over 30 years. He met Helper native LynnDa Juliano in 1964 while working in Colorado. They were married two years later and returned to Helper in 1973 to raise two daughters.

For the next 15 years he demonstrated financial and managerial skills as project manager for Braztah, manager for George Harmond Businesses, and manager of the western district for Baker Mine Service. In 1988, Chuck and LynnDa started LeMar Industrial Mining and Fabrication, a thriving local business that currently maintains 15 employees.

He is presently serving his second term on Helper City Council and, as a member of the Board of Adjustments, and has positive ties with Carbon County leaders.

"As mayor, my goal for Helper City is fiscal responsibility."

Chuck believes Helper must be run as a fiscally responsible business that provides services to its citizens. Raised in rural North Carolina, Chuck understands tough times. "As mayor I know I will have to struggle to make ends meet, just as some residents struggle to make ends meet."

His goal is not only to stabilize the current budget, but also to implement long term planning." I want to provide the young people and children of Helper with the same opportunities that were available in the 70's and 80's."

"I believe that effective leadership means effective communication."

There is a common misconception that the mayor makes big decisions for the city. However, the mayor can only make decisions with the support of the council. Chuck views the role of mayor as a facilitator, cooperating with the city council and listening to citizens. "We have council people with the vision to move Helper forward and I would like to be a part of that."

Chuck encourages all residents to participate and attend council meetings. As mayor, he will reserve the first 15 minutes of council meetings where any citizen who wishes to voice an opinion can be heard. "We have an energetic and dynamic town. There are so many people that want to help and get involved. We need them." He also supports a local newsletter.

"We need to put Helper on the map." There is a lot that can be done to promote Helper by encouraging highway travelers to stop in town including beautification, cleanup, restoration of historic entry arches, better signage advertising facilities and parking, and promotion of small businesses. "We need to make passing through our town a positive and memorable experience."

"I am asking for the opportunity to serve. Let's secure Helper's future together." Chuck would be happy to answer any questions and can be contacted during the day at 472-3461.

For the mayor of East Carbon

Dale Andrews

I am incumbent Dale Andrews running for East Carbon Mayor for a second term. I was raised in Sunnyside and have lived in East Carbon for over 30 years. It is my home and will always be home. My main interest in city government is to do my best to keep our city a safe, affordable, friendly and hopefully, happy place for our citizens to reside.

I give to the community knowledge and experience. I served on the city council for two years, 1980-1982. Then I was elected mayor for the next four years. During this time the city saw many new improvements. The water treatment plant was built. Before this time, our drinking water was untreated. Then came the Whitmore Square Apartment Complex and the new post office. The city maintenance shop was built. The old city hall was renovated and our 1982 fire truck was purchased, all with grant money - "free money".

I left city government for the next few years. Because of my past experience as Mayor, in May of 2000 I was asked to fill the vacancy left by Mayor Paul Clark. In 2002 I ran and was elected mayor.

During my past six years as mayor, the city council and I have increased our water storage capacity by 500,000 gallons in the new tank and another 500,000 gallons in our refurbished underground tank. I acquired $180,000 at 2.5 percent interest and $265,000 in grant money to pay for these projects.

We have created the East Carbon Justice Court allowing us to keep fines within the city and hold court here rather than traveling to Price.

We have secured funding amounting to $500,000 at zero percent interest and $680,000 grant money to make the state mandated sewer lagoon improvements.

I was instrumental in the Hunt Oil/State land exchange that opens up the Cold Spring area to public use.

I am on the Carbon County OHV Committee to bring the OHV trail through Carbon County via Nine Mile, Cottonwood and Dry canyons, over Bruin Point and down Sunnyside Canyon and through Sunnyside and East Carbon City. Hopefully this will bring us new revenues.

Great improvements have been made to the archery and gun ranges and the Columbia Park.

The council has adopted an Abandonded/Hazardous Building Ordinance that enables the city to take the appropriate legal steps to rid the city of unsafe, abandoned buildings that are hazardous to our residents. All this takes time and due process of law.

As to future projects: my first priority is to get our city financially sound without causing a hardship on our citizens.

I have a good relationship with county and state officials who can help us with our needs. These relationships don't come over night. I would like to see the city through these hard times.

Orlando LaFontaine

While not a local native of East Carbon City, I have lived here for five years. I am a property owner and businessman. I currently am working on the renovation of the former Dragerton Department Store.

I was raised and educated in New York.

My aim is to bring businesses back into our community. I believe there is a future for the City of East Carbon and sometimes change is the answer.

I have specific goals, which include involving the residents, listening to the views and the opinion of others, cleaning up our city and being a full time mayor. I realize this requires commitment and I am willing to do my best to fulfill these obligations.

There are some critical problems ahead of us, particularly in the economic development areas. I would support the Range Creek water development project. This is essential for our future.

I will represent each and every resident in an honest and dependable manner. We need to make our city attractive and jobs available. It is my desire as mayor to see these concerns be a top priority of the administration.

I love East Carbon City and will do my best to represent it.

I need your support.

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October 27, 2005
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